Mathematics and English resources for parents, teachers and learners

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We offer ebooks with printable worksheets and other resources for learners in secondary (high) school.
Our best-selling product is the Mathematics worksheets package for grade 7, 8 and 9 learners.
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We also have an English Language Worksheets e-book. It is targeted at all teenage learners.
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The reason why our worksheets WORK is because we have a very simple approach.  No membership fees or "online learning programmes". No long forms to complete.
Just WORKSHEETS (with answers) that you can download right now.
You simply download our worksheets as ebooks in .pdf format and then you can print one or more of the worksheets at a time and give it to a learner to complete. He or she studies it and completes it.  Now you will be able to show the learner the same worksheet but this time with the answers filled in.
That's right - learners can look at an exact copy of the worksheet they worked on but this time they can see the correct answers, explanation included.
It works because you can build a learner's confidence by helping them do one worksheet at a time. And the kids love marking their own work!
This website offers you brand new (original) worksheets and practise exams (with fully worked out memorandums) that have been compiled by an experienced educator.
You can download our FREE Maths ebook (more than 60 pages) here to get a sense of what we have to offer.  Our English Language e-book samples can be viewed here.
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